Make it easy for your talent to connect with your in-house support network

With Thrive’s technology, you can streamline session booking for in-house coaches and mentors. Make it easy for your people to book appointments, and have one to ones, as and when they need them, so that they can focus on delivering great work.

What we offer

A quick and easy way for your wider team to book and connect with an internal coach, mentor or counsellor, or even each other just when they need it. You can also use our platform to effortlessly connect managers with their team and with each other across geographies.

Our Thrive Platform takes the time and effort out of making coaching and mentoring appointments – which can help boost take-up of this kind of development offer. Sessions can also be run and recorded through our platform, freeing up your coaches and mentors to focus on high-quality meetings not diary management.

  • Your coaches, mentors or consultants upload their availability and profile onto the platform
  • Invite eligible talent to go online and book a meeting
  • Both people get a meeting invitation via email
  • Clicking on the email link at the allocated time takes you back to Thrive Enterprise to connect the user to their coach or mentor via video, phone or chat

Watch the video to see how it works in practice

In-house coaching and mentoring services often lack visibility, and end up being used only by those in the know - not by those who need them most. Thrive Enterprise helps remove the barrier to these services, by offering a quick and easy way for your people to access support when they need it, in a way that you can use for measurement and insight generation to prove the efficacy of your services.