What Coaches Think About Coaching

6 April 2020 | By Steven Rogers | Blog

We asked our coaches: Coaching skills ’What’s the most important coaching skill you have learnt that has been helpful in business?’ This is what some of them had to say.

Coach- Mia O'Gorman




Mia O’Gorman
Listening and thinking systemically is key to helping individuals in business achieve change – how will what the individual wants to do benefit their team members, delivery partners, stakeholders, customers and communities? What would the voices of those groups ask the individual to develop and work on? How can they be engaged and involved?





Coach - Eva Vohlidkova





Eva Vohlidkova
Bringing awareness to the present moment. How often do we pay full attention to what we are doing, thinking, feeling, and how often we run on automatic? Staying present and mindful in the moment creates a different inner and outer environment. This can be explored and experienced with your coach in the session. If we pay attention we can be more accurate in our impact on others and regulate our energy and effectiveness better.







Coach - Cathleen Merkel





Cathleen Merkel
Be 100% real! Coaches will choose the coach who is right for them; who they notice having a ‘chemistry’ with and who they believe could support them best. As a coach, be who you are, embrace diversity of styles and education and ensure that you communicate your way of working openly with the Coach.







Coach - Sophie Turner





Sophie Turner
There is nothing more powerful or scarce in business than listening.

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