Lisa W
She was like my own personal cheerleader.


“Lisa has encouraged me to bring more awareness to my ways of thinking, to break the cycle, and make it productive. Be prepared for questions that will make you go deeper than you ever have before - at times it might be uncomfortable but stay with it, it's worth it.”

Industry Experience

Lisa W has been a career and leadership coach for 14 years. She has worked across a diverse range of sectors, including Creative, Public, Finance, and Education. Her extensive experience allows her to understand and address the unique challenges faced by professionals in these fields.

Coaching Experience

Lisa specialises in resourcing women to make a powerful difference and lead positive change. She believes in the importance of understanding one's full self in relation to others to become a better leader. Known for creating safe spaces that offer valuable insights and build confidence, Lisa has coached hundreds of women and led numerous development programmes. She draws on a rich blend of systemic, somatic, and career techniques to help open new perspectives, improve relationships, and develop invaluable tools for ongoing use.


Lisa is an ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and a Lumina Spark Psychometric Practitioner. She holds certifications in Systemic Coaching (ORSCC) and Co-active Coaching (CPCC).

Aspects Championed

Lisa champions the development of self-awareness and the creation of safe spaces for reflection and growth. She supports women in building confidence and leading positive change. Her approach combines systemic, somatic, and career techniques to foster deeper understanding and improved relationships.

Coaching Expertise

Lisa excels in one-to-one coaching and development programmes. Her expertise spans multiple sectors, including Creative, Public, Finance, and Education. She focuses on helping women develop tools to enhance their leadership skills and build healthier work-life boundaries.

Lisa W

Women in Leadership Group and One-to-one coach.