Group coaching.
Transform Your Team with Group Coaching.


Harness the Power of
Collective Growth.

Thrive’s group coaching brings teams together to overcome challenges, enhance collaboration, and foster professional growth.

Our expert-led sessions facilitate shared learning, allowing team members to gain valuable insights from peers and coaches alike.

Group coaching at Thrive breaks down silos, promotes openness and support, and focuses on critical topics like leadership transitions and diversity. Customised sessions ensure skill enhancement that directly impacts your work environment.

Benefits of Group Coaching.



  • Shared Learning: Grow together with insights from peers and coaches.
  • Stronger Dynamics: Break down silos, fostering openness and support.



  • Focused Topics: Relevant discussions on leadership, transitions, and inclusivity.
  • Skill Enhancement: Apply new tools and techniques directly to work settings.

Scalable and


  • Broad Reach: Extend development opportunities to more employees cost-effectively.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Benefit from varied viewpoints, enhancing creativity.

Why Choose Thrive?

  • Customised Sessions: Tailored to your team’s specific needs.
  • Expert Coaches: Guidance across multiple disciplines and industries.
  • Yours or ours: We provide facilitators to deliver your programmes or deliver group coaching in prioritised areas such as High Performing Teams, Women in Leadership, Parental Returners, Coach Like Leaders, and Junior and Middle Leaders.

Proven Success.

  • High Satisfaction Rates: 28% gain in team performance within 6 months.
  • Detailed Analytics: 100%+ ROI from group coaching interventions.

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Group Coaching.

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