Life Transition Coaching.
Navigate Key Life Changes with Confidence and Support.


Are Life Transitions Overwhelming

You and Your Team? 

Life transitions, whether personal or professional, can be incredibly overwhelming for you and your team.

They often bring about significant stress, uncertainty, and emotional upheaval. Thrive specialises in providing targeted coaching to help you and your team navigate these changes with ease and confidence.

Why you must listen?

Parental Returners

Untapped Talent Pool: Over 90% of women who take career breaks wish to return to work, seeking flexibility and growth while bringing valuable skills and experience.

Aging Workforce

Growing Numbers: Workers aged 55+ projected to be 25% of the workforce by 2024.

Common Transitions We Address.


  • Switching industries, climbing the corporate ladder, or changing roles.

Returning to Work.

  • After a long break, re-entering the workforce can be a challenging adjustment.

Significant Personal Changes.

  • Events such as divorce, relocation, or becoming a parent.


  • Supporting the important life transitions of peri-menopause and menopause.

How Life Transition Coaching Can Benefit You and Your Team.

Immediate Relief and Long-Term Success.

  • Personalised Guidance: Tailored support to address specific needs.
  • Skill Development: Build resilience, adaptability, and stress management skills.

Enhanced Well-Being.

  • Emotional Resilience: Handle emotional upheaval and maintain mental health.
  • Lifestyle Adjustment: Adjust to new routines and environments smoothly.

Talent Retention.

  • Reducing Talent Drain: Retain highly skilled employees who might otherwise leave the workforce permanently​.
  • Improved Engagement and Loyalty: Higher levels of engagement, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

Business Benefits.

  • Enhanced Employer Brand: Attracting a broader pool of candidates and promoting a family-friendly culture.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Problem-solving approaches, enriching team dynamics and contributing to innovative solutions.

Why Thrive’s Life Transition
Coaching is Your Solution.

  • Flexible Access: 24/7 coaching support across all devices.
  • Expert Coaches: Specialists who understand the complexities of life transitions.
  • Actionable Plans: Clear, actionable steps to manage transitions effectively.

Proven Success and High Satisfaction.

Our clients manage their life changes with greater confidence and reduced stress, leading to high satisfaction rates, greater retention and engagement.

Start Your New Chapter
with Thrive.