Why Prioritise building high Performance teams?


41% of teams struggle to improve how they work together.


Thrive gives you a road map to address this quickly.

Boost Productivity and Efficiency.

  • 21% Greater Profitability: Highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable (Gallup).

Foster Innovation and Growth.

  • 5x High Performance: Collaborative teams are 5 times more likely to be high-performing (MIT Sloan).

current challenges.


Struggle to recruit

75% of companies struggle to recruit suitable talent.


Skill gaps

65% of organisations are actively hiring to close potential skills gaps.



Lack Effective Strategy

66% lack effective strategies to address these shortages.

Cultivating team growth.

Programme overview.

Thrive provides a new way for teams to understand themselves, enhance collaboration, strengthen cohesion and build resilience and enables teams to these three questions:

  • What needs working on?
  • Where to start?
  • How to make immediate impact?

How Thrive enables better performing teams.

  • Diagnostic: 360 view of the team.
  • Application: Prioritise development path with strategic imperatives of the business.
  • Delivery: 90 minute workouts bolted onto board or Leadership team meetings.
  • Communication: Co planning, design and refinement around 8 core habits.
  • Impact: Proven results with 30% gains seen within 6 months and significant shift in the team conversation from as quick as session two.

Programme Details.

  • High-performing team model: Diagnostic that identifies blind spots and hidden strengths within teams.
  • Team types:  To sequence the optimal development path, made up of 90-minute team workouts, which deliver accelerated team growth.
  • Team development pathway: That is is customised, tailored and delivered within the flow of the team’s work, so that development work is not disruptive.
  • Group and one to one coaching: That embeds the learning and delivers tangible change in how the team converses, works and prioritises.

Why Thrive?

We know making your business better depends on the leadership teams across your business role modelling outstanding team behaviours and team conversations.

Thrive does this brilliantly by blending meaningful diagnostic data that resonates with the team with profound conversations that do change mindsets and behaviours.