Swee LT
Who I am is how I lead


"The qualities that Swee LT embodies serve as a model for those who desire to become outstanding global leaders in a world of great uncertainty and rapid change: She is adaptable, resilient, broad-minded, decisive yet humble."

Industry Experience

Swee LT has over 30 years of experience in the corporate and social sectors. Her leadership roles have provided her with a deep understanding of these environments, shaping her coaching approach with practical knowledge and real-world insights.

Coaching Experience

Swee LT specialises in coaching middle management and senior executives globally, offering one-to-one and group coaching, both face-to-face and online. She helps clients develop awareness of their leadership presence and impact, providing a non-judgemental space for reflection and reframing issues. Her extensive leadership experience supports clients in navigating personal and professional challenges. She believes life is a "school of life," where challenges are opportunities for growth. Her philosophy, "who I am is how I lead; change in the world begins with change within me," guides her coaching, encouraging clients to look inward for meaningful change.

Aspects Championed

Swee LT champions the development of leadership presence and impact, creating a non-judgemental space for clients to reflect and reframe their issues. She emphasises personal transformation as the foundation for broader change.

Coaching Expertise

Swee LT is skilled in one-to-one and group coaching, both face-to-face and online, focusing on middle management and senior executives. Her holistic approach considers both personal and professional dimensions of her clients' lives.

Swee LT

First Time Leader, Group and One-to-one coach