Some of our daily thoughts.
While we're self-isolating.



If you are affected by these issues, book a session with one of our talented coaches, mentors and therapists today. We offer individual sessions, as well as giving access to the platform to your whole team. If there is a particular area you are struggling in, if you need to talk through a challenging decision or want to talk through family dynamics, we have a topic that will suit you.


  • Discover amazing local walks – ask you friends where they have been walking.
  • Stand up to talk on the phone and move around.
  • Only put the TV on at the end of the day.
  • Keep an active mind with quizzes, crosswords, reading or board games.

#Dailythoughts To protect your mental health, limit the amount of social media and news you are consuming – only look at reliable resources.

  • Set goals for what you want to achieve personally and professionally.
  • Keep a routine.
  • Be fanatical about using the time you gave to commuting to doing something for yourself.
  • Pick up the phone and talk or facetime your friends when you need help or a giggle.
  • Talk about stuff other than coronavirus.
  • Read or meditate.
  • Take time and space to enjoy our glorious country.
  • Ask for help, eat well, don’t buy junk food and ban your alcohol intake during the week.

#Dailythoughts Coronavirus affecting women in the workforce harder. It would be safe to assume that in most relationships, the mother will be called on more by the kids when working from home. Here are some top tips for coping with this:

  • Agree in advance on which activities/tasks/shifts each partner will be responsible for with the kids when working from home.
  • Do 2 hours on and 2 hours off, so each of you gets a good stint at doing concentrated work.
  • Don’t ask your cohabitants to help you; explain it is everyone’s home, so everyone’s responsibility.
  • Ask everyone to select a chore they will be responsible for every day.
  • Put a sign on the door, so the kids know when you are mum vs. when you are a businesswoman; tell them what you can and cannot be interrupted for.
  • Agree with your manager what you will deliver and ask for the learning and support that you need.
  • Design your schedule to allow time for learning, so you can continuously develop, progress your career and bring the learning through on the projects you are working on.

#Dailythoughts Get fit – exercise every day and try increasing it by 5-10% each week. Learn a new skill you have been talking about mastering for years; cooking, juggling, paining, sewing, gardening, cider making – whatever it may be. Read books or learn to meditate – there are loads of free apps for this.

Or simply enjoy the peace that can be found in silence. Look out the window in the evening and simply enjoy how still and quiet the world has become.

#Dailythoughts If you are furloughed, look at what you gain rather than what you lose through this. How many times in your professional life had you been able to take 3-6 weeks off for yourself. Enjoy the time with your kids, play games, read books together, paint pictures or bake.

#Dailythoughts I believe more and more organisations will choose to allow people to work from home and therefore thinking about educating and informing your team to do it well now, can only be beneficial as they will demand it and employers will question the price to health, the P and L and the environment of returning to our old, complacent ways of running a business.

#Dailythoughts What we know is, teams who are joining virtual check ins once per day or per week feel more informed, more connected and more consulted. The rhythm in the meetings are more concentrated despite kids and pets joining the meetings. There is an empathy and a commitment to just get on and some of the political game playing has ceased.

#Dailythoughts Many are noticing how nice it is not to be getting out of bed at 5am and being back at home 6/7pm but working normal days and actually enjoying time together in the daylight hours, when support can be given for homework, dinner, sitting together or playing in the garden. Whilst some are bored, using the time to call and speak to their colleagues to simply be more connected, others are producing exciting and meaningful work.

#Dailythoughts Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things. Find time to call your friends that you have not spoken to for a while. Join apps like house party where you can all play online games together, text people and let them know you are thinking about them. There are so many things you can do. Think about the opportunities rather than the constraints.

#Dailythoughts Set goals with your kids for the next three weeks. I am going to learn juggling with one and growing herbs and tomatoes with the other. It will help them to keep their eye on something and feel as though they have achieved something that will last beyond the quarantine.

#Dailythoughts Don’t be afraid to lay down and access all the gifts people are donating; whether it is Carol Vorderman teaching Maths, David Walliams teaching English, Joe Wicks doing family exercise or Chester Zoo live streaming zoo visits. Be brave, build a timetable of events and ask for their support.

#Dailythoughts Adversity often shows us the true meaning of things in our life and now more than ever many of us are asking questions about what is important; where do we find contentment and fulfilment and why are we constantly searching for more and traveling further.

Enjoy the beauty of all we have around us. Look at the buildings, the trees, the ironwork, the tiles, the hills, smell the plants, smile at your neighbours and embrace just how lucky we are to live on such a glorious planet.

Wonder what you are missing by searching further and further and enjoy being in the moment. Turn your eyes out, not in.

#DailyThoughts It is inevitable that this time will put pressure on relationships. Even with economic and financial support, this period in our lives will put pressure on some relationships.

Spend time seeing all the characteristics and qualities that brought you together, look for them in one another rather than what is irritating you. See what makes each other good as a team rather than where you differ. Avoid the phrases “you always” or “you never” and try and have compassion, kindness and a bit of fun and playfulness in your heart.

At the start, you maybe longed to just hold hands and go for a walk in the countryside and sit on the grass. Try it again and see if stripping out our whole world of choice brings you back together when you get time to be together.