Win-win delegation.
While working from home.


Top Tips For Win-Win Delegation

Realize that “Your Way” is not always the “Only Way.”

A big part of letting go is the fear that the task will not be done “right.” The problem is that your “right” often means identical to you and fails to consider that there are other ways to achieve the same result. Concern yourself with what is accomplished, rather than how it should be done. Empowering someone to control his or her own methods and processes will increase their commitment and build skills.

Build motivation and commitment. Discuss how success will impact financial rewards, future opportunities, informal recognition, or any other desirable consequences. Always provide recognition where deserved, allowing enough time for proper review and feedback. If work is not good quality, still provide feedback, making sure it’s constructive, or your team member will not learn, and you will miss out on the benefits of delegating.

Don’t micromanage. Just because you’ve delegated something, doesn’t mean you’ve abdicated responsibility. Think about where the best balance is between giving enough space for people to use their abilities to best effect, while still monitoring and supporting closely enough to ensure that the job is done correctly and effectively. However ‘hands-off’ you are though, people still need to know what to do if unforeseen problems occur.

And finally… Delegation will only work if you help the other person succeed.

So make sure he or she has the right resources and then keep communicating, participating and supporting the other person. Remember, delegation means NOT abdicating your responsibility, so you need to make sure you have done everything you can to influence a successful outcome