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Leadership skills are something many companies provide training on, but simply attending a course for a day or two is not enough to make a great leader. Thrive coaches often provide support and expert input on this topic, so we asked them; In what ways does coaching help embed leadership development training? Our coaches shared their tips and suggestions.


Her specialisms are:

  • Personal Transition – supporting individuals taking on a new role, or returning to work, or making a step-change in their behaviours, habits, or mindset.
  • Increasing Resilience – re-igniting the passion, addressing overwhelm, or wobbles, renewing a sense of purpose.
  • Leadership – supporting leaders to have their desired impact in an increasingly pressured world.

Coach Zoe Creighton

Coaching is a safe space for people to get 1-2-1 support, tailored to their specific needs. Managers and leaders can use it to set and review stretching goals for themselves, increase their awareness of their impact on others and create action plans around how to improve key leadership skills like communication, relationship building, creating a vision, motivating a team, etc.



Cathleen coaches from a place of being an external perspective provider and an internal leader, demonstrating a real understanding of the challenges you face.

Coach - Cathleen Merkel

Leadership training is valuable and needed to share new insights, tactics and methods of learning, starting to trigger the individual’s reflection on their personal leadership style. Often, training is a one-off, and whilst we, as participants, commit to putting our learning into action right away, in most cases that doesn’t happen.



She coaches people in a number of areas: to improve their communication, clarify their priorities and develop their confidence, leading them to achieve outstanding results and become inspiring leaders.



She has experience in senior HR/talent management & development roles, coaching and consulting in commercial and global organisations in a variety of sectors. She also teaches Mindfulness in a workplace context to improve focus, wellbeing and productivity.


Coaching is a great way to ensure learning/knowledge from training becomes ‘in the muscle’ and leads to real change. This is done by the coach ensuring clarity on what the leader is looking to achieve and their level of motivation to do it (motivation to lead is often overlooked in hiring/promotion decisions). The coach will also help find ways to apply the learning in real life, hold them to account, and reflect on the impact they are having, and of course affirming progress and recognising success!


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