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Fast, focused coaching & mentoring for your talent with whole-system insight for your organisation

Is your talent getting what it needs to thrive?

MyThrive ensures your people get the support, help, inspiration, invigoration and practical first steps to help them keep moving. Whether it’s working on personal career goals, team objectives, or delivering a strategic project the Mythrive coaches know how to help as they too have business backgrounds.  

Expert Coaches –  Our coaches are business practitioners, mentors, therapists, high performance coaches or life coaches. We help people gather the knowledge, skills & mindset to make change & thrive

Expert Coaches

Data Driven Decisions – We give you the meta data so you know what you do as an organisation that people love, what you do that inhibits performance and what the mood is in the camp so you can design an organisation that people love to work in

Data Driven Decisions

Value For Moneywe sell sessions, not seats so you can deploy coaching to as few or as many people as you want and buy more depending on demand and take up

Value For Money


Coaching that is designed by you

On demand coaching - so people get immediate help with the relevant expert right when they need it, 24/7
The user in the driving seat - Paired coaching goals, targets & plans are supported with frequent conversations with your selected coach. Choose your own - we leave the decision of who you want to work with to the individual.
Expert coaching - With people who need help in specific parts of their life like diversity & inclusion, bereavement & loss, debt management
Team coaching - Teams or groups meet to work through a gritty issue, think through changes they want to make collectively or learn a new skill. In the process.

When people thrive so do organisations

We have always been human to human, believing that nothing comes close to the insight and foresight you can achieve from working with someone who really listens to you and really gets you.

Our technology, approach and pricing make it easy for you to give access to a coach, mentor or therapist. You will learn about the impact and how you need to develop your business. 


apply their learning within 1 month & 80%+ within the week

95% of users would recommend us


claim it was immediately helpful


of our users could work with their coach in their native language

The coach was able to provide meaningful insight and offered very practical suggestions on how to be more effective and impactful. A very productive initial 30 minutes of coaching and I've taken away some thought provoking questions and some homework to do before my next session! Thank you Thrive!

MyThrive User

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Fast, focused coaching & mentoring for your talent, with whole-system insight for the whole organisation

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Looking for one platform to host your in-house & external coaches?


Take it one step further with MyThrive+

With MyThrive+  you’ll give your talent access to not only our world-class coaches but also your in-house experts who know your organisation inside out.

No matter what kind of support or expertise your people need – be it mentors in their own fields, mental health professionals, leadership training, or anything else specific to their requirements – they’ll be able to find it all in one place. And you’ll have one core point of collective intelligence where you learn what you need to, to enable your organisation to thrive.

The MyThrive+ platform allows you to customise your own specific requirements such as 

Bespoke the expertise


Different access for different users

Track bookings, cancellations, DNA's & more


See most active departments / regions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I host on the platform?

You can host anyone that provides support to the people in your business. Many hosts their internal coaches and mentors. This takes all the effort out of coordinating the times to meet and provides an understanding of the impact the coaching or mentoring is having.

Others host their mental health first aiders. This allows the organisation to understand the main topics and themes that are being discussed and implement suitable interventions, information or training to be provided alongside the coaching.

We also have organisations that want to host their assessors and trainers so that employees who have portfolios to complete can get this support without the trainers having to travel for miles to see them.

Can the bookings integrate with our workplace diaries?

Yes, when one of the internal coaches, mentors or trainers is booked by someone in the organisation, the appointment is sent to their diary and confirmed in an email. The coach and also the client both have the freedom to reschedule through the platform should something arise which means they need to change the date or time of that meeting.

Can the thrive team fill the gaps?

Coaches work alongside your internal team to provide a one-stop shop for all things coaching. Whilst many people use the platform to make it effortless for internally trained people to be visible and bookable, the Thrive team is also often booked to train the in-house team in our 30 minute coaching approach.

Would you like your team to really thrive?

Fast, focused coaching & mentoring for your talent, with whole-system insight for the whole organisation

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