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One platform to find, book & connect coaches & mentors with users while generating real-time insights

How ThriveConnect works

Customise your platform set up

Participate in the design & setting up of your platform

Onboard your experts

Train your coaches mentors, consultants or experts in how to use it

Onboard clients or users

Upload your clients & users onto the platform

Support when you need it

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Thrive Connect – how it makes a difference for coaching, mentoring & consultancy organisations who want to digitise their offering & gain insight & performance metrics

Provides a customisable platform so you can host your own approach to coaching for each of your clients 

Gives each client the ability to track & understand the impact of the coaching

Allows you to track coach activity & performance 

Cloud based technology 

No admin as the platform facilitates clients finding, booking, taking, evaluation & recording the learning from their sessions and their goals and development targets. 

Able to be deployed globally & in other languages  

Fully Customisable platform

Track & understand the impact

Track coach activity & performance

Cloud based technology

No Admin

Deployed globally & in other languages

Thrive Connect – how it makes a difference for organisations who want to improve access & insight with their in house coaching & mentoring team

Digitise your coaching and mentoring offering and gain insight and performance metrics.

Provides a customisable platform so you can deploy your coaches to your clients or talent.

Gives you the ability to track and understand the impact of the coaching.

Allows you to track coach activity & performance.

No admin required as the platform facilitates the finding, booking, delivery, evaluation & recording of the learning from the sessions.

Able to be deployed globally and in other languages.


Control Access

Impact of Coaching

Understand Utilisation

Cloud based technology

Insights, key topics & themes

Customisable branding & Offering

Thrive Connect provides you with a solid & secure platform


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No data breaches

Multilingual Platform

Cloud based technology

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With Thrive’s technology you can host your own coaches or mentors, making it effortless for all your clients or users to find, book & take a session with their coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the platform up and running?

The platform can be up and running in his little as four weeks. This includes customization, design and testing.

Can the platform be integrated with our in house HR and LMS systems?

This really depends on the system that you are using and what integration that you need. We would explore this during the customization phase of the platform.

Can the system offer SSO?

Yes, our system can offer SSO?

How many coaches can the platform accommodate?

As many as you wish.

How many concurrent sessions can the platform handle?

We have our own web RTC solution designed within the platform and it has the capacity to handle thousands of conversations.

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