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Have you sacrificed the wellbeing of your people?

Tight deadlines. Overwhelming workload. Fast-turnarounds. Advertising is an integral factor for most organisations, so there’s an increasing pressure for you to meet client expectations. But your people are at the brink of exhaustion and barely taking a moment to breathe between projects. So, it’s time to be honest. Are you providing your people with adequate support? Or – in pursuit of keeping up with demand – have you sacrificed the wellbeing of your people?

Your people are your organisation. But with the ever-increasing speed required to deliver projects, they feel the constant pressure to stay creative. There’s no time for them to grow. But if you don’t take action now, your people will stay stagnant. So, you need to make change for your organisation to thrive.

We’ve seen what’s good, what’s bad and what works. It’s 2021. Attitudes towards workplace loyalty have shifted, and people want to work in an organisation where they grow. So, to hold on to your talented people you need to promote self-development.


But you lack time. So how do you upskill your people when there’s a constant influx of work?

Done right, coaching creates a learning experience that is timely and effective. Through Thrive, your people choose when they want to be coached and how. 30 minute 1-2-1s. Group sessions. We deliver coaching in a way that reflects the fast-paced nature of advertising.

We give your people the autonomy to take control of their emotional and practical support. Leaving them feeling valued, motivated and engaged. Your people will be empowered to upskill whenever they need it. At a time that works for them.

When your people thrive, so does your organisation.

Thrive works with everyone from new joiners to your top team – to give them the impetus, skills, and confidence to make a difference at work.

Because when people thrive, so do organisations.

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