What we got up to.
At the learning Tec 2020.


Learning Technology is the future of internal development and it was great to be a part of the companies paving the way!

So what happened at the 2020 Learning technologies? Thrive Partners was attending the event as one of the many exhibitors which, offered new and exciting innovative technologies, Thrive Partners demonstrated our unique platform showcasing, the easy and affordable coaching we provide.

One of the Key Topics of many of the informative talks were on using Technology as a tool for learning. We conducted interviews discussing the current core challenges that were faced in the business industry and how coaching and self-directed learning can play a part in the challenges. We spoke to exhibitors in attendance such as; LinkedIn, Fuse, Saba, Elephants Don’t Forget and Leeds University.

Key insights we found from some of the interviews we conducted are as following:

Ian McIlwain, Head of Sales, LinkedIn

In your opinion, what is the main issue you’re facing today?

What came from our 2020 Workplace Learning Report was the identification of skills gaps and, what do you do to address those skills gaps affecting your business today.

How have you found that self-directed learning sticking and being effective?

In terms of self-directed learning – making sure it sticks and people are benefiting from it – the organization firstly needs to be somewhat prescriptive with the learning that people need to do on a daily basis. They need to know the strategies; then it’s about the relevance of putting learning in front of people that inspire them.

Dan Nolan, Learning Technology Consultant, Leeds University

What do you believe is key to successful engagement with learning?

Truly understanding what learners want and what they’re trying to achieve at work, what they’re interested in and where they’re trying to get. If you don’t understand this, you won’t be able to give them something relevant to them.

What’s the case for coaching to drive engagement?

Coaching is really important, I know me having a mentor having someone experienced is important to me because it helps me understand what I want to develop as an individual. With coaching, I feel you always need that human side with whatever is happening alongside the organization.

Christian Foerg, General Manager EMEA, Saba

What do you think are the key challenges that business is facing today?

What I think some of the key challenges the business is facing today are, the topic or reskilling people in the workforce; right now everyone is talking about the shortage, you can see the reskilling: new skills, digital skills content, creation skills – all these things people need to learn from scratch because they’re not used to it.

What’s the place for self-directing and self-directed learning?

Top-down learning isn’t the way to drive reskilling. People need to want to do the learning and have an interest in the learning pushing them. From the management, perspective isn’t going to be the recipe for success. I can go out and learn things in my own time in topics I am really interested in, it keeps me motivated it keeps me fresh and keeps my brain crisp.