Hybrid working in fast track companies.
Facing the challenges.


There are many benefits to a hybrid workplace for both employees and companies, but it also comes with many challenges, further complicated if you are a growing fast track company.

Hybrid working combines the best of remote and office working, it has been fast-forwarded into our lives as a result of the global pandemic but is here to stay for many organisations. Moving forward, for fast track businesses this will entail a resilient and people first business hybrid model.

If your sales or the demand for your services has grown exponentially, dealing with the challenges that a fast track company has, positioned together with a hybrid working environment can be a fine balancing act.


The Employee Experience


The whole employee experience has been at the forefront for businesses during the transition to remote working. The impact of the pandemic has also brought a greater awareness of the impact on employees’ mental health and burnout issues.

The hybrid working model can easily hide these issues behind a laptop screen when you’re not in the same physical office or workspace as your colleagues. Therefore, businesses have to adapt and intensify their wellbeing support, especially if business is fast moving.


Support, Wellbeing and Open Communication


The speed of increased productivity over a short period can leave remote employees stressed. Training to help managers and staff spot team members who might be struggling is crucial and necessary longer term for employee retention. Creating an environment where people are encouraged to speak up about their mental health or when they are stressed or have concerns is essential for a successful hybrid working model.

A lack of open and honest communication will have a negative impact on employee morale, yet nearly 60% of remote workers miss out on important information because it was communicated in person according to this Digital Workplace report.


Seamless Technology Solutions


Businesses have gone from offices with technology and IT support on call to overnight moving to developing and managing tens or hundreds of home offices. As a fast track company, providing the technology for staff to perform at home may have been quickly established.

It’s crucial that fast track organisations support employees with a level playing field when it comes to providing technology and access to systems. Those that choose to work remotely should be effortlessly able to connect with staff in the office and the general working environment to avoid any disparity and knowledge loss.

Utilising the right technology for your organisation is imperative to maintain productivity, including digital tools to support meetings and create a seamless experience for employees in person and remote.


Attracting New Talent


Recruitment, like many other aspects of hybrid working, has changed the outlook of many employees and indeed how organisations recruit staff. For a fast growing company, employing talented people is a continual challenge. An advantage of the hybrid workplace is that you have an increased number of candidates by expanding searches beyond immediate geographic locations.

Employees are able to live further from the office, with businesses offering hybrid work options to attract the best talent. Less commuting gives employees flexibility, contributing to employee satisfaction with the work/life balance. Moving forward, if the above challenges are met, employees will have more options for where they choose to live too.

As we approach a post-pandemic world, fast track companies must be able to overcome the challenges of flexible hybrid working to maximize the benefits for employees and in turn for the business.