Staying productive.
While self-isolated.


1.Learn a new skill

Now is the ideal time to discover a new skill, with more opportunity and fewer distractions. Picking up an instrument or learning a language. There is always a skill you have wanted to learn, but haven’t had the time.

2. Pick up the phone or go virtual

We might be limited to our homes and away from our normal routine and workplace, but this doesn’t have mean total isolation. From picking up the phone to talking to a Thrive coach it could make a big difference if you’re struggling.

3. Cook up a storm

Want to learn new recipes? Now is the perfect time to. Try incorporating a cleaned-out pantry approach with soon to be expired food. Whip out a cookbook or research a recipe online and get cooking.

4. Get organising

Spring is in the air, and with more of us in our homes, it’s time to Marie Kondo your crib. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her method, it’s essentially good old spring cleaning. So, get organising and finally get around to the junk room or closet you don’t dare to enter.

5. Working out

Staying active is important, from going on a walk or doing a home workout, there are lots of great ways to keep active without going to the gym. If you’re feeling stressed or feeling low, exercise releases endorphins and can improve your mood, so pick your favourite form of exercise and get active.