Digital learning day.
Top 5 ways to get involved.


Digital Learning Day 2020

Digital learning was created in 2012 to highlight innovative leaders within the field and encourage others to use digital learning within their daily lives. Although it started solely looking within the classroom, it has now become a worldwide way in which most people learn, from searching something on your phone to watching a tutorial on a topic you are interested in we are constantly consuming new knowledge.


1.Learn a new skill or topic

Learning a new skill is a great way to keep up to date and relevant, inside and outside of work. We all want to learn something; how to use take better photos or learn to speak a new language. Technology makes learning new things quick and effective.
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2. Connect with one of our many coaches

Having someone to guide you, can make the difference in what sticks and how well you understand the information you’ve received. Why not try one of our experienced coaches.
If you’re interested in talking to a coach you can book a demo here.

3. Try and gain new knowledge within the field of your interest

With consistent new information, keeping up to date has never been easier, give yourself a refresher on a topic you enjoy.
Our coaches are experienced in a wide range of topics if you want more information on this click here.

4. Get clarity on a problem

Being able to solve a problem by clicking a button is exactly what digital learning is all about; finding innovative ways in which to help to learn.
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5. Share your knowledge with others

Part of learning is having someone sharing the knowledge, you can share an insightful tweet or blog that you have learnt from.