Leadership Team

Pam Bateson


Pam began her career in J Sainsbury’s and then the NHS, before training in lean engineering and applying these principles in manufacturing. Pam first qualified as a coach in 1998, becoming a master coach in 2003, and set up her own management consultancy, Zinnia Consulting in 1999.

She founded Thrive Partners in 2015 with a vision to democratise coaching. She believes that we have a responsibility to listen and learn from all the daily conversations that take place, and use this careful listening to make changes to make people’s work and personal lives happier, healthier, easier and more productive.

Pam is a Commissioner representing Entrepreneurs for The Legatum Institute’s Global Index of Economic Openness and travelled the world as part of the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme. She has given keynote speeches at events that include Women of Silicon Roundabout and HR Vision.

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