Retain Talent Keeping, Valuing & Developing Employees

Discover how to grow your employees & demonstrate organisational qualities that cultivate team buy-in, loyalty & satisfaction

Are you giving your talent powerful reasons to stay?

If someone feels disillusioned with their company, without the right intervention, it’s likely they will jump ship.

The estimated cost of replacing a single employee is ½ to 2x their salary

Because people are thinking more about how to be fulfilled and happy at work, retaining great employees is taking centre-stage for a lot of organisations.

Maybe part of your responsibility is to manage a team, ensuring your team members are productive, happy and wanting to grow with the company.  But despite your best efforts, you know that no matter how good your relationship is with them, it won’t be enough to convince individuals this is the right place for them to stay in.

There could be bigger factors at play within the wider organisation that you simply don’t have control over. And in today’s market, employees have a wealth of recruiters, apps, networking sites and hundreds of job openings at their fingertips.  So, if an employee feels mistreated, disillusioned or unaligned with the company, it’s a lot easier for them to simply jump ship.

You may know some of the reasons leading to valued team members leaving. But it can be difficult communicating them to the CEO, or the senior leaders that can implement the changes needed for the company to become a better place for its people to want to stay in.

MyThrive will help you support your team members, creating a company culture where they feel seen, appreciated and like their work is meaningful. We’ll also work with you to collate the data reflecting your organisation’s current barriers to retaining employees, which you can share with the people able to roll out the change you know the company needs.

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