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Disengaged employees are regularly absent, unhappy at work and most likely to leave

Employees are 125% more productive than those who are just ‘satisfied’, when they feel engaged and inspired

We know that when individuals are fully engaged, it brings purpose, power and passion to everything they do. So, with the increased focus on people rather than workplace, there is a lot of work to be done. But where do you start?  

People are now re-imagining their jobs, career moves, and life changes. Being equipped to help your team members with the right types of high-quality conversation is paramount. And your team does not want someone who will simply empathize with them. They need ideas, solutions, suggestions and inspiration to get them actively making the changes they need. 

Your talent needs access both in and out of office hours, when people may feel more distressed or unable to sleep, possibly because of the pressure of a big meeting the next day or a problem at work they need to solve.  

Companies need a way of giving the support at the moment it’s most needed. That could be during a structured weekly, bi-weekly or monthly programme, or simply on demand. And it may be given by one person an employee regularly goes to, or a different coach, mentor or therapist that has the knowledge, skills and experience specific to what they need there and then.

We’ll help you demonstrate your dedication as a responsive employer that’s connected to the needs of their team members. One that has effective measures in place to support your people, wherever their location.

And if your talent gives permission, we can even learn from the aggregated and anonymised conversations in Thrive Insights, so you know how you need to design your organisation to be fit for purpose. Because people don’t want to work somewhere that makes it hard for them to perform.

You’ll learn what matters most to your people, so you know what will create maximum engagement and give them compelling reasons to stay, grow and thrive within the organisation.

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