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The need to reduce costs means teams are becoming smaller, putting pressure on individuals to handle larger workloads

41% of employees say what they like most about their job are their colleagues

Company culture is about the people in it. And it’s the ultimate factor that can either drive the success of a company or cause it to fall short and eventually fail. Nurturing a great company culture is important for people to want to come into work and get excited about staying with a company in the long-term. It frames the whole experience team members have, how much they feel like they belong, and the degree to which they enjoy doing the work. 

It’s become even more important in light of the pandemic, which has meant organisations are having to adopt tools and platforms within short timeframes. Team members don’t get to have the transition time they normally would for organisational change. This can make even their everyday tasks become quite overwhelming to work through. 

The current need for companies to reduce costs also means that teams may need to become smaller, putting more pressure on individuals to take on larger workloads.   

Communication and motivation play an important part in company culture, and even more so with the anxieties, fears and stresses that people face both in and outside work.

We’ll help you cultivate the communicative environment that everyone needs, during a time when there’s very little connectivity. Aiding your teams’ move towards a self-service culture where they can voice their concerns, receive support, access training, enhance their skills and become more unified as a whole.

With MyThrive, you can get everybody on the same page. Ensuring they understand the organisation’s ethos and feel like they have an equally important role to play in building the company culture.

Individuals will feel able to create mutually supportive team bonds at every level, so they thrive individually and as a whole.

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