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Do you have the ability to attract & retain your people?

Technology evolves and as it does, so must you. Traditional finance roles are changing and there’s an increasing need for IT enthusiasts in financial organisations – and your ability to attract and retain your high-skilled people will become more challenging. So, it’s time to face the fact: Is your financial organisation as attractive as it once was? Or are your people looking elsewhere, while you’re left behind?

Your people determine how your organisation will thrive. But it’s 2021, and attitudes towards workplace loyalty have shifted. Your long-standing methods to retain people – generous pay and benefits – will no longer cut it. And with a growing need for IT experts in financial organisations, you must re-think your traditional approach if you want to hire and hold on to your skilled people.

So how do you maintain your admirable reputation and keep your business attractive? Should you alter your tried-and-tested methods that have worked for years? Well, your people determine how your organisation will thrive… So, if your people are changing, so must you.

People want to work in an organisation where the culture reflects their own lifestyle and values. To captivate and retain your people, you need a desirable culture.

Done right, coaching creates a culture of collaborative growth. Through Thrive, your people choose when they want to be coached and how. The benefits?

Retention. We give your people the autonomy to take control of their self-development. Leaving them feeling valued by your organisation. Based on the coaching your people select, we gather and share rich data with your business. You’ll see the changes you need to implement to retain the people you rely on most.

Attraction. Combining your financial reputation with a culture focused around self-growth will attract new skilled people. Your people determine how your organisation will thrive. So when your people grow, so does your organisation.

Thrive works with everyone from new joiners to your top team – to give them the impetus, skills, and confidence to make a difference at work.

Because when people thrive, so do businesses

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