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Thrive helps you be the strongest version of yourself. We uplift your health, happiness & wellbeing so you can be your best both in & outside work

Increased workloads is one of the biggest causes of burnout & mental health issues

2 in 3 employees feel more stressed now than before the pandemic

The pandemic has meant that a lot of us are facing multiple challenges thawe’ve never encountered before.  

  • Finding the balance in working from home, when you’re also a parent that has to make school runs, help the children with homework; get dinner on the table and monitor the amount of time children spend watching TV. All whilst working under the expectation of being in the office and having time for productive thought.
  • The complications of finding a quiet space to work in a busy flat share, with just the bedroom and kitchen as the main options.
  • Unhealthy sleep patterns brought on by the excess time being spent on devices.
  • The cumulative effects of all these factors, that leads people becoming trapped in a downward spiral of poor eating, insufficient exercise, lack of sunshine and vitamin D.
  • And of course, there is an anxiety about returning to work – the idea of traveling on public transport and the questions people have around working safely.  

With all this uncertainty, perhaps you’re wondering how you can create well-being for yourself, your teams, or your departments.

We’ll work with you to cultivate a workplace that builds organisational and individual resilience and gives employees access to early help. Supporting staff as they make their transition back into the work environment.

Our MyThrive coaches, mentors, counsellors and psychotherapists will help you facilitate a mindset of resourcefulness and confidence. Their practical and tactical coaching approach can get you started with something you are desperate to change, so you can finally let go of the things that don’t work.

And because we have worked with several organisations, we can help you implement a tailored solution at a business level as well as a personal one, to make the internal collective conversation around well-being and mindset more fluent and impactful.

You can also host your internal mental health first aiders and counsellors on the platform if you wish so you have one door into your entire well-being offering.

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