Frequently Asked Questions

Thrive Connect

How long does it take to get the platform up and running?

The platform can be up and running in his little as four weeks. This includes customization, design and testing.

Can the platform be integrated with our in house HR and LMS systems?

This really depends on the system that you are using and what integration that you need. We would explore this during the customization phase of the platform.

Can the system offer SSO?

Yes, our system can offer SSO?

How many coaches can the platform accommodate?

As many as you wish.

How many concurrent sessions can the platform handle?

We have our own web RTC solution designed within the platform and it has the capacity to handle thousands of conversations.

MyThrive & MyThrive+

Who can I host on the platform?

You can host anyone that provides support to the people in your business. Many hosts their internal coaches and mentors. This takes all the effort out of coordinating the times to meet and provides an understanding of the impact the coaching or mentoring is having.

Others host their mental health first aiders. This allows the organisation to understand the main topics and themes that are being discussed and implement suitable interventions, information or training to be provided alongside the coaching.

We also have organisations that want to host their assessors and trainers so that employees who have portfolios to complete can get this support without the trainers having to travel for miles to see them.

Can the bookings integrate with our workplace diaries?

Yes, when one of the internal coaches, mentors or trainers is booked by someone in the organisation, the appointment is sent to their diary and confirmed in an email. The coach and also the client both have the freedom to reschedule through the platform should something arise which means they need to change the date or time of that meeting.

Can the thrive team fill the gaps?

Coaches work alongside your internal team to provide a one-stop shop for all things coaching. Whilst many people use the platform to make it effortless for internally trained people to be visible and bookable, the Thrive team is also often booked to train the in-house team in our 30 minute coaching approach.

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