Career ProgressionDesigning Your Own Career Ladder

Envision the dynamic, fulfilling career you want & learn how to have the conversations to steer you there within your organisation

Is there a clear line of progression?

Employees struggle to have transparent career conversations with their managers that can turn into meaningful action

41% of employees feel their career development has stalled during the pandemic

The pandemic has made lots of people think deeply about how they can be happier and more fulfilled at work, in a job where they feel like there’s progress.

It could be that you’ve been giving your own career path more reflection as a result. And you feel that although you’re doing a great job, you’re also feeling stuck. Like many others in your position, maybe you simply don’t know what the best next step is that will move you out of your slump and into a role that gives you bigger and better projects. One that will motivate and inspire your best work.

It could also feel awkward and uncomfortable to broach career conversations with your manager, making you nervous about approaching your manager.

You may have experienced that career conversations in the past have led to more paperwork, rather than tangible action, appreciation or answers to your questions on where you can go with the company you’re in.

But career conversations are crucial to the success of both employees and employers. And when navigated well, it’s an effective means of employees getting clarity on where they can go, how they can achieve their aspirations and align their goals to that of their organisation.

MyThrive will help you get clear on your career goals and aspirations, beginning the process of mapping out what you need to move you closer to them.  That way, you have a clear idea of the direction you want, which you can share with your manager.

We’ll also help you build the confidence you need to have those important career conversations, that will also enable you to embark on your path towards greater fulfilment and achievement at work.

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