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Your long-standing methods to train people - in-person courses & twilight sessions - will no longer cut it

E-learning was thrust upon your educational system without a second glance, leaving teachers and students strained and demotivated. But as technology evolves, so must you. So it’s time to face the facts. Can your people successfully support their students? Or has the shift to e-learning left them unprepared? Unequipped to provide crucial emotional and practical support?

But it’s 2021. The pandemic skyrocketed the need for remote, online learning. Students have been left isolated, needing more mental health support than ever before. Your long-standing methods to train people – in-person courses and twilight sessions – will no longer cut it. You must re-think your traditional approach if you want to sustain highly proficient people. Your people deserve to feel confident and capable so they can adequately navigate the lasting effect the pandemic has had on the education system.


But time is stretched thin. And your people are constantly playing catch-up. So how do you prioritise what your people need? How do you keep them motivated in this time of educational uncertainty?

Done right, coaching creates a learning experience that is timely and effective. Through Thrive, your people choose when they want to be coached and how. Therapists. Trainers. Consultants. Internal specialists. Your people are given access to a network of people who champion well-being.

We give your people the autonomy to take control of their emotional and practical support. Leaving them feeling valued, motivated and engaged. You will empower them to upskill whenever they need it. Creating a culture of self-development and support.

Your people determine how the next generation thrive. So when your people thrive, so will your students.

Thrive works with everyone from new joiners to your top team – to give them the impetus, skills, and confidence to make a difference at work.

Because when people thrive, so do organisations.

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