How A Bank Partnered with Thrive to Upskill Their Leaders

When a bank approached us with a brief to upskill their leaders and managers so they could use coaching in their day-to-day role, it was sure to be a fascinating assignment. The managers needed help improving engagement, running more innovative and productive meetingand promoting a culture of daily and weekly feedback 

They wanted to deeply embed their values into the business, so that every day, people would know the cultural code and feel valued for their contribution.  

The bank also wanted to facilitate a greater level of skill and acumen in making feedback a daily part of their culture to support the changes in their performance management system. 

Thrive had a four-pronged approach for the programme: 

  • Working with the senior leaders to define the organisational touchpoints in daily behaviours where the coaching narrative could come through. And, showing them how to visibly demonstrate these behaviours and mindset themselves. 
  • Providing a two-part immersive learning programme for all the managers to acquire the tools, techniques and mindset of using coaching as their predominant narrative in the day-to-day leadership and management of the business. 
  • Onetoone coaching support for all the heads of service and functional leaders to work through personal scenarios with their coach, for forthcoming meetings and conversations with their team members 
  • Coactive coaching sets for the talent team to get ahead with the project and familiarise themselves with what they needed to explore, design and implement in the following 90-day sprint 
  • Microvirtual development events on the trending topics that emerged from the coaching, to show they could respond each month to the prevailing requirements of the managers. Equipping them with the exact knowledge, skills and shortcuts. 

To date, the tools and approaches learnt are visible in the behaviours and norms of their meetings and their feedback culture. There is a real attention on outcomes and productivity, and they are more aligned in their thinking and way of working. 

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