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Consulting, training and education


Consulting, training and education


Global Pacesetter 2021

How A Consultancy Scaled Deployment Of Coaches & Experts

The ability to differentiate between what you do brilliantly, and what simply isn’t your area of expertise, is an indicator of a mature and experienced business.  

A training provider wanted a more efficient way to deploy their coaches and consultants into the marketplace and give enterprise clients an easy way for their people to find, book and connect with their executive or performance coach. Enabling leaders to identify their areas of weakness, and the strengths they could capitalise on. 

The challenge lay in their manual approach to matching coaches with clients, arranging diaries and agreeing how the meetings would be taken: It consumed far too much time and effortFurthermore, it was not scalable for the next phase of their ambitious growth plans.  

Teams of administrators and coordinators had to be equipped with a more simple, efficient and effective means of deploying coaching to the market. 

Working with the Thrive Connect team, our platform was customised and deployed to work within each of their sectorsas well as being made multilingual. Meaning their clients could access the same quality of service, regardless of where they were based. 

Working in a highly structured way, the organisation has outsourced their enhancements and customised development needs to their own dedicated team, so they can continue to respond to the feedback of the enterprise clients.  

And, having now partnered with Thrive for 3 years, there is an ongoing positive path of growth and mutual development. 

Indeed only this month they have won an award for the quality of their platform

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