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Initial team of 20; then rolled to Australia; now available globally (US, Europe, South Africa, Australia) to the whole business (300 people)

To create a more structured approach to staff progression

In 2013, Dext (formerly known as Receipt Bank) employed just 10 people; fast-forward five years and the company has offices in six countries and close to 300 staff. The level of growth and the investment the business was receiving meant that upskilling, particularly within the sales division, was a priority.

To create a more structured approach to staff progression, we worked with Dext to support its culture of coaching and mentoring. Using our MyThrive app, staff can book 30-minute sessions with our experienced and independent business people, during which they could discuss anything from specific task-based problems to tips on presentations or advice on how to climb the career ladder – not topics they would always feel comfortable talking about to a colleague or someone more senior at the company.

As well as being popular with employees, we have also worked with Dext on insights gained from the coaching to resolve issues in the business. Issues with a new CRM system, for instance, were named and isolated through our insights reporting, which enabled Receipt Bank to remove time consuming processes – and boosting sales as a result.

Buoyed by the UK success of the programme, we are now working with the company to roll out as a key strand of their global talent development programme

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