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Media & broadcasting

Equipping Executives In Media & Broadcasting With Transformational Development

A household media and broadcasting brand had at its core a desire for every single person in their organisation to be more coachlike in everything they did. And, for well-being to be taken 100% seriously across the business. 

Their plan to achieve this was to equip key change makers with the personal insight to support their personal and professional development. And so, they needed Thrive’s help to support their leaders who had differing development needs  

For some leaders, it was a case of helping them smooth out their rough edges in terms of their delivery. Others required a template of how to lead change. And, a fair few of them needed a real injection of confidence and self-belief to help them address some cases of imposter syndrome.  

It was vital for us to drive pacemomentum and signups to the programme, as it was set to be demanding and incredibly fastmoving. 

Matching coaches with the leaders and designing bespoke interventions was the scope of the programme. We planned in structured and well-timed reviews with the senior leaders to understand the traction and changes being seen, as well as the organisational context we needed to understand to coach in the next phase.  

Through our attention to detail, rigor in communicationsfeedback with leaders and blending of coaching with the broader agenda, the executive programme was distinctive, impactful, meaningful and memorable.  

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