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Higher Education

Solving The Big Training and Development Challenge in Higher Education

Providing relevant training and development initiatives in HE is a long-withstanding area of challengeTheir profession is to educate and inform thinking, which can impact their readiness to assume a position of learning, themselves.  It also means there are often timetables that clash, multiple deadlines to be hit and other priorities.  

So, when we were invited to work with one of the leading Universities in the country to design their leadership and management coaching offering for their middle tier, we knew we had to pull it out of the bag. 

The brief was to design and run compelling microsize learning interventions delivered so people could access it on mobile or laptop, using blended learning. 

We ran a series of ondemand 30 and 60minute coaching conversations where the team had full control over whether they worked with the same coach or different ones each time. 

Additionally, we ran structured team coaching sessions to embed some organisational feedback into the operations of a key function within the organisation. 

A comprehensive set of group workshops was also set up for up to 25 people. They covered topics such as driving an inclusion and growth mindset from home; rethinking team engagement in a remote environment; helping teams be united and aligned when they are geographically dispersed; as well as staying efficient, effective and motivated in a remote working environment. 

Our coaching and development interventions have been described as “the most engaged the participants have been on any learning event in 20 years”.  With more sessions being requested and the ongoing commissioning of 10 new events every 6 months. 

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